Our Motto

Bring Coffee Back

Who We Are


CoffeeHEADS is a Dubai-based team of coffee professionals that has a rare passion for quality coffee sales and delivery throughout the United Arab Emirates. We are committed to robust sourcing of the best-grown coffee beans and detail-oriented roasting for the best blends and single-origin cups. We ship out roasted beans to different parts of the UAE, and we blend, brew, and serve the premium taste coffee to our customers in Dubai.
At CoffeeHEADS, we look beyond coffee and business; we also look around. We are also committed to the progress of our communities and the people we serve. Therefore, we also partner with other businesses and civil society organizations to support the vulnerable and provide a source of livelihood for the less privileged.

Our Sources


We are committed to bringing different varieties of high-quality coffee beans from top producing regions of the world. Our coffee menu is designed to meet the needs of blend lovers and single-origin coffee-fans. We are connected to some of the best coffee growers, producers, and cooperative groups in Africa, South East Asia, Central America, and South Africa. We also subject our green coffee beans deliveries to our premium and unique standard quality requirements before the reception. Our coffee growers and farmers are experienced growers that also give us information about any seasonal changes that may have occurred during the coffee farming season.

Our Roasts and Grounds

We use innovative, roasting methods to make our roasts. Our roasters are experts who have master the art of recognizing distinct coffee aroma and color changes during roasting.

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